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Vanilla Latte' Quilts
Kaleidoscope Stars:
There is a mistake in the size of the foundation pattern for Kaleidoscope Stars.  Please return the pattern to the store where purchased and ask them to contact me for a correction or email me for a corrected pattern.  So sorry for any inconvenience.  Thank you.
Oh Say, Can You See?:
There is a correction in the wording of the cutting directions.  The "Light Blue" fabric cutting instructions should read:
-  2 strips @ 13” wide, cut into 4 squares @ 13” (2 squares), cut on the diagonals into 4 triangles each (View A)
   and 2 squares @ 7” (2 squares), cut on the diagonal into 2 triangles each (View B)
-  1 strip @ 4 1/2” ,cut into 9 squares @ 4 1/2” (3 squares)
-  1 strip @ 2 1/2” ,cut into 9 squares @ 2 1/2” (3 squares)

Winter Wonderland
If you purchased this pattern, you may be missing the paper piecing pattern for the hat.  Click here for the pdf to download.  Make sure you measure it so that from solid line to solid line the block equals 4" - side to side and top to bottom.
That Way
From the "Sky Fabric" you will need to cut ten strips (not eight strips as stated in the pattern) at 3 3/8" wide to make the sky of the flying geese blocks.  There is plenty of fabric listed on the pattern cover to make this correction.